Direct local partnerships

In this section, you will find projects directly implemented by cities and / or local actors. 

Is your city also carrying out a project or in direct partnership with municipalities in the south?

Let us know, we are happy to publish your local action.


Partnership of the city of Munich, Germany with the Asháninka people, Peru

Munich’s membership of Climate Alliance was, in 1997, the catalyst for a partnership with the Asháninka people; a community of around 70,000 in the central Peruvian rainforest.

Munich supports the Asháninka in their preservation of the rainforest as the “green lung” of the planet, and also as their own home.


More information in Englisch (pdf, 127 KB, page from the Brochure: Munich International Sustainable United in Solidarity, October 2010, City of Munich)


City of Munich - portal (information only available in German)


Nord-Süd-Forum München e.V., AK München - Asháninka (information only available in German)

50 Municipal partnerships by 2015

The '50 Municipal Climate Partnerships by 2015' project is being jointly implemented by the Service Agency Communities in One World and the North Rhine-Westphalian Working Party on Agenda 21 (LAG 21 NRW).

The project is supported by an executive committee decision of the German Association of Cities, as well as by the German Association of Towns and Municipalities and the German Association of Counties. It is designed to enable municipalities in Germany to join forces with regions and municipalities in developing and emerging countries, and develop joint programmes of action for climate change mitigation and adaptation.  


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Partners of the project "Networking in Europe: Local Gorvernments meet the MDGs" are also involved in the project (city of Bonn, city of Potsdam, Service agency Communities in the One World)