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Networking in Europe: Local Governements meet the MDGs

The project's objective is to contribute to the promotion and achievement of the MDGs at a local, national, European and global level. To reach this objective, cooperation between Bonn and its partner cities (municipalities in Europe) as well as networks and platforms will be strengthened.


Aware & Fair

City Games and campaign for local response to the Millennium Development Goals 

The Millennium Development Goals should not be discussed or worked on without bearing in mind their interrelation with other issues such as climate change, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources (in particular freshwater resources and forest), poverty and hunger, health, biodiversity, globalisation, integration/ migration, child labour, ILO and human rights, education and capacity-building, (municipal) development cooperation.

The project Aware & Fair aims to address these global challenges in a dialogue between the partners based between others on the Fair Trade model (which includes the topics of biodiversity, child labour, human rights in development, global education and Capacity building) considering their different political, cultural, social and geographical framework conditions.


City of Hanover (Lead City/Germany), City of Blantyre (Malawi), City of Poznan (Poland), City of Litomĕřice (Czech Republic), Transfair e. V. Germany, Polish Fairtrade Association 

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