The main components for the successful development of the project are many activities promoted by the project partners:

  • In all partner cities local MDG networks to liaise between LA, local NGOs and civil society organisations will be established. There will be public activities each year to reach relevant target groups (pupils, general public). Local networking is crucial in order to promote the dissemination of information and strengthen the cooperation regarding development issues.
  • Thematic seminars, trainings and round tables will be offered for senior staff members of the partner cities, non-state actors and further members of Climate Alliance e.g. on fair trade, sustainable procurement, climate change, MDGs and social integration. The seminars and round tables provide an important instrument to exchange best practices and information exchange
  • Conferences on national and European level will be organised in the frame of Climate Alliance. At these conferences thematic workshops will be offered to generate an exchange between all participants. 

Promotional material for your local MDG activities

Within the framework of the project, Climate Alliance has produced materials for local awareness raising activities.

The visibility materials - a postcard and a writing pad - demonstrate how the achievement of the goals is being implemented and visualise the time dimension.

Local governments can use the materials for their local activities, to sensitize the general public about the MDGs issues in a more attractive way.


Silke Lunnebach



MDG watch ...

Cover of the note pad

Back of the cover

Page (50 pages)


Back of the postcard


In addition, we produced a pen out of wood (from renewable and recycled resources), which you also can order in the European office of Climate Alliance (nominal fee).

Slogan: Project logo and title (two colors)